18-year-old internet sensation Essena O’Neill had been forming thousands of dollars modeling on Instagram and sharing her slides with nearly 580,000 admirers, but all that changed last week. The Australian removed 2,000 photos from her report and changed the figure to “Social Media Is Not Real Life.” She has since re-captioned many of the remaining photos to disclose the “truth” behind them, and launched a new website, “Let’s Be Game Changers.”

“Without realising, I’ve wasted the majority of my teenage life being addicted to social media, social endorsement, social status and my physical look, ” O’Neill wrote in an October 27 th Instagram post. “Social media, specially how I utilized it, isn’t real. It’s a method based on social endorsement, likes, validation in views, success in admirers. It’s perfectly orchestrated, self-absorbed judgement.”

She broke down and re-captioned her Instagram photos to disclose the truth behind her photos

Watch Essena explain the idea behind the changes:

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