Meghan Tonjes awoke to an interesting Facebook message a few days ago.

It didn’t fetching the best information.

GIF via Meghan Tonjes/ YouTube.

The content was from one of Tonjes’ 237,000 subscribers on YouTube. She’s a popular vlogger, so getting a content from one of them isn’t that uncommon .

But this content was particularly … concerning.

A subscriber expected her about an apparent photo of Tonjes being used as an ad at a weight-loss clinic in Georgia.

Yep, the photo was of her. And nope, it was not being used with her allow.

GIFs via Meghan Tonjes/ YouTube.

“I was in shock, ” Tonjes told Upworthy. “Shock soon became anger.”

The storey that accompanied Tonjes’ photo in the ad realized stuffs worse . It claimed that Tonjes’ initials were “D.A.”( nope ), that her weight was 230 pounds( wrong again; she’s actually more like 270 ), and that she was a mom trying to shed fatty after having a baby( three ten-strikes you’re out ).

Here’s what it was like 😛 TAGEND

“It’s such a misrepresentation of my weight and why I’m at that weight, ” Tonjes interpreted.

It’s not even that the clinic alluded to the fact Tonjes is fatty. In information, as a fatty activist, “fat” is a label she wears proudly.

Tonjes is an outspoken exponent for affection yourself regardless of your influence or width and has been working to end fallacies about what it means to be fatty for years.

“I think it’s important to remember that the word ‘fat’ is not in itself hurtful, ” she explained in a video back in 2012 , memorandum she’s not piqued by the label. “It’s all the things that you attach to the word ‘fat.’ Call me lazy, call me unmotivated, call me ugly, call me sloppy, call me unhygienic, call me all these other things that people associate with the word ‘fat’ that is not true.”

GIFs via Meghan Tonjes/ YouTube.

She’s onto something. Because while there’s no dearth of damaging stereotypes about being fatty like that fatty people are surely undesirable, that they must scarcity willpower, or that they’re surely desperate for years the over-generalizations don’t stand up.( So before you think, “But isn’t Meghan encouraging people to live unhealthfully? ” nah , not at all .)

Tonjes was outraged because the clinic used her photo to promote a procedure of losing weight she surely would not endorse even if they had asked for permission.

“This business is selling a dream of meaningful or long-term weight loss through injections and special ceases, ” she told Upworthy. “Now, I’m not a medical doctor, but … ”

Tonjes did what many of us would do she called the weight-loss clinic’s part and challenged explanations. The doctor in charge was apparently on vacation, so Tonjes left a content with the receptionist.

GIFs via Meghan Tonjes/ YouTube.

I just wanted to let the doctor know that I hope that he had a good day off, and I will be contacting my solicitor, ” she says on the telephone with the clinic in her video. Because that’s improbably illegal to use my face as advertising without remittance and without notification.”

Although Tonjes threatened legal action in her video, she told Upworthy she accepts the conversation around expending photos without a person’s agree especially to promote something such person or persons might not reinforce and that might not even be genuine is the most important thing right now.

“Be critical of businesses expending photos like this, ” she said. “Be critical of any business that exchanges you a dream of overnight change. Keep your label and your work. “

“I merely crave people, wherever they are with their own bodies, to know that they are worthy of enjoy and respect, ” she said. “There’s no supernatural weight or width where life magically starts, so start doing what the hell are you cherish now.”

So far, Tonjes said she has not been contacted instantly by( let alone received an confession from) the clinic . Upworthy contacted out to the business that used Tonjes’ photo for comment but had not discovered back by the time of publishing. The essay will be updated should the business greeting .

Watch Tonjes’ video below:

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