After the Islamic State( ISIS) claimed responsibility for Fridays wave of strikes that killed more than 130 parties in Paris, the hactivist collective Anonymous showed war on the terrorist sect and its supporters.

“Make no mistake: Anonymous “re at war” with Daesh, ” the mysterious intruder group wrote on Twitter over the weekend, utilizing an alternative epithet for ISIS.

The group uploaded videos in multiple conversations, including English and Italian, in which it committed to “neutralize” the perpetrators of Friday’s strikes.

“We will not give up, we do not forgive, ” read person or persons wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. “Expect us.”

Anonymous read Sunday that more than 2,000 ISIS-related Twitter notes had been taken down in Operation Paris (# OpParis ). Given the amorphous and secretive sort of Anonymous, nonetheless, the group’s activities can be hard to verify and track.