Runners express anger and organiser compassion after 13 -mile phenomenon extended to nearly 17 miles because of hasten officials track error

An error by hasten organisers has changed Bangkok into the dwelling of “the worlds” longest half-marathon.

Instead of a 13 -mile run through Thailands capital, the Standard Chartered Bangkok marathon on Sunday inadvertently provided its annual half-marathon to nearly 17 miles.

The bonus miles came as a surprise to runners, who released a tirade of complaints on social media after the event.

The Jogging Association of Thailand, one of two organisers of the hasten, admitted to the error on Monday.

The association apologises for the error, Songrakm Kraison, its vice-president, told the Associated Press. It will not happen again in the future.

The Athletic Association of Thailand, which oversees athletic events in the country, “re saying it” discussed the mistake with the organizer, who admitted that a technological error happened during the half-marathon phenomenon, responded Surapong Ariyamongkol, AAT secretary general.

He responded hasten officials responsible for moment smugglers in the right direction inadvertently targeted them to make a U-turn at the incorrect place.

It lent more than 3km[ 1.8 miles] to each lap, hence more than 6km were added to the whole half-marathon, Surapong responded. We have berated the association but we could not do anything else.

The marathons Facebook page filled with notes on Sunday and Monday from smugglers who described the mistakes as ridiculous, a massive miscalculation and incredibly hazardous for smugglers who had trained to run just 13 miles.

Others joked that it is appropriate renamed the super half-marathon, or as one Facebook comment memo, it could be seen as a byproduct of hasten inflation: Hey, they increased the toll this year, so you get more kilometres for your money.

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