( CNN) A duo of suicide bombings impressed southern Beirut on Thursday, killing 43 beings and leaving shattered glass and blood on the streets, Lebanese permissions supposed.

At least 239 others were wounded, according to state-run National News Agency.

A would-be suicide bomber who survived the attack told examiners he was an ISIS recruit, a Lebanese security informant supposed. The human, a Lebanese national from Tripoli, Lebanon, was taken into detention after the blasts. He told permissions that he and three other intruders arrived in Lebanon from Syria two days ago, different sources said.

Lebanese knowledge belief the bombers could be part of a cell completed to Beirut by ISIS leadership, different sources supposed, but examiners are still working to verify the enduring suspect’s pretension. The three other grinders were killed in the explosions.

In a purported ISIS statement flowed on social media, the fear radical claimed responsibility for the blasts. CNN hasn’t demonstrated the accuracy of the statement.