Narendra Modi: the contentious manipulator who allured the world

This week the Indian prime minister makes a exultant trip to the UK after cosying up to everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs to Rupert Murdoch. Whats behind the uncritical cuddle of a humanity who has is president of a rising tide of assassinations and religion zealotry, and driven the countrys writers and masters into rebellion? [...]

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Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, dead at 87

( CNN) Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and generator who fought for serenity, human rights and simple-minded human propriety, has died at persons under the age of 87, a spokesperson for Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, mentioned Saturday.His family said he died calmly Saturday after a long illness.

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How One Muslim Woman Is Making Hate Tweets Into A ‘Force For Good’

A Muslim woman is rotating the hostility of Internet trolls into a "force for good" -- one hate-filled tweet at a time. Dr. Susan Carland, an Australian academic and well-known figure in the two countries Muslim community, said shes become all too accustomed to the "stream of toxicity" that spate her Twitter feed on a [...]

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Adele’s Gym Photo Is The Excellent It’s Ever Running To Get

Oh, Adele, tell us count the ways in which we love you. On Wednesday evening, the Grammy winner shared a photograph from what consider this to be the exercising session from hell -- welcome to 2016, females and gents -- in preparation for her upcoming nature tour( yeah, the one you couldn't get tickets to [...]

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#JeSuisChien: French police hound succumbs in Saint-Denis raid

( CNN) An early-morning police busines in the outskirts of Paris transformed murderous as gunfire and detonations rang out in the area of Saint-Denis.Five French men were lightly wounded and a police dog was killed in the attack, according to officials.As beings are still coming to grips with the deaths among 129 beings in the [...]

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My Infant Son Has A 43% On Rotten Tomatoes. Does Anyone Know How This Happened?

Becoming a father has been a transformative event that nothing could have prepared me for. When I view my 2-month-old son, Mason, in my forearms, I appear love and joy unlike anything Ive ever known. Thats why I found it a little baffling when I logged onto Rotten Tomatoes the other day and discovered that [...]

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The Backstreet Boys Just Finished Their First Week Recording A New Album — Check Out All The Photographic Proof Of Their 2016 Recall!

Backstreet's back, alright! As One Direction prepare to go on their first-ever hiatus, some of their predecessors are ready to take their rightful residence back in the spotlight. The Backstreet Boys have had a pretty good year thanks to their documentary Show 'Em What You're Made Of 's theatrical handout and Nick Carter 's silver [...]

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Jessy Mendiola And Slut-Shaming: Why Filipinas Hate Confident Sexy Girls

Disclaimer: This article is plucked from my own personal social network and knows based from my own limited reality. " Apparently souls can gawk at wives, but when we recognise how beautiful we are were abruptly full of ourselves ."- Kim Kiyun I precisely want to say- I don't generally care about pinoy showbiz but [...]

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A person in the crowd screamed ‘Marry me! ‘ Her response was not exactly what he hoped for.

Last week, a fan of the Scottish synthpop circle Chvrches got a bit more than he bargained for when he yelled to the stage. "Marry me! " an unidentified boy wailed out during a pause between songs. "Pardon? " Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry answered, inspiring "the mens" to shout out, "Marry me! Now! " Mayberry [...]

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How Donald Trump took the Republican Party by rain

Washington( CNN ) Donald Trump's political typhoon is not a coincidence. It's been brewing in the Republican Party for decades. Yes, the wild force snapping through the Republican White House race is a reflection of the grass roots' current frenzy at government and a rebellion against constitution party rulers that has already broom away the [...]

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