Media captionMusic writer Mark Radcliffe explores some of Bowie’s most well known alter egos

Singer David Bowie has died at persons under the age of 69 from cancer.

His son, film director Duncan Jones, substantiated the news and a statement was issued on his social media accounts.

“David Bowie expired peacefully today surrounded by their own families after a indomitable 18 -month battle with cancer, ” it said.

“While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during the course of its period of grief.”

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The singer exclusively released his latest album Blackstar on his birthday on Friday.

Media captionDavid Bowie went from Beckenham to world-wide stardom

Tributes have been paid to Bowie from across the world of entertainment.

Brian Eno, who collaborated with Bowie on his albums Low and Heroes, answered: “Words cannot express … rest in peace David Bowie”.

Rapper Kanye West answered: “David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so gutsy, so imaginative, he gave us supernatural for a lifetime.”

Comedian and performer Ricky Gervais, who persuasion Bowie to star as himself and ridicule Gervais in an episode of 2006 sitcom Extras, wrote simply: “I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie.”

Comedian and columnist Eddie Izzard answered: “Very sad to hear about the deaths among David Bowie but through his music he will live forever.”

Bowie collaborator Rick Wakeman wrote on Twitter: “As I’m sure you can imagine I’m gutted hearing of David’s passing. He was the most difficult affect& encouragement I could ever have wished for.”

And Prime Minister David Cameron answered: “I grew up listening to and watching the dad genius David Bowie. He was a master of re-invention, who prevented get it right. A massive loss.”

Will Gompertz, BBC Arts editor

David Bowie was the Picasso of dad. He was an innovative, visionary, anxious master: the eventual ever-changing postmodernist.

Along with the Beatles, Stones and Elvis Presley, Bowie characterized what pop music could and should be. He produced art to the dad party, infusing his music and renditions with the avant-garde ideas of Merce Cunningham, John Cage and Andy Warhol.

He made pop in a new tack in 1972 with the coming into effect of his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Glam rock was the starting point, but Ziggy was much more than an eyeliner-wearing maverick: he was a genuinely theatrical character that at once harked backed to pre-War European theatre while anticipating 1980 s androgyny and today’s discussions around a transgender range.

He was a great singer, songwriter, performer, performer, producer and collaborator. But beyond all that, at the very heart of the issues, David Bowie was quite simply – quite inordinately – cool.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Bowie’s last live execution was in 2006.

His last live execution was at a New York charity concert in 2006.

Blackstar, which includes precisely seven songs, has been well received by critics.

Bowie’s breakthrough emanated with 1972 ‘s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Mark Savage, BBC Music reporter

Today’s news is all the more shocking because David Bowie has only emerged from suspended animation – revitalised and reinvigorated.

His two last books, The Next Day and Blackstar, ranked with his best, the former fete his past, the latter casting forward to the future. The happening he won’t be there is harrowing.

But then Bowie’s entire vocation has been a vanishing act. The son of a waitress and a nightclub owner, David Jones became David Bowie, who became Ziggy Stardust, who became Aladdin Sane, who became the Thin White Duke. All of them were fictional. All of them became iconic.

In the 1970 s, he was restless, flitting between musical styles and personas, developing Lou Reed and The Stooges, and taking up paint in Berlin. His every move provoked impersonators and inspired musical sub-genres. He was the first post-modern dad stellar.

He struggled to remain relevant in the 1980 s and 90 s, but continued to push boundaries with the industrial boulder of Outside and the container and bass influenced Earthling. An enforced hiatus, provoked by an emergency angioplasty, took him out of the spotlight for most of the 2000 s before that celebrated, unpredictable comeback on his 66 th birthday.

That late reporting period invention may now be reassessed as the operational activities of the a musician who knew his time was running out. But it remains a fitted bequest for a gentleman who subverted and reinvented dad time and time again.

His hits include Let’s Dance, Space Oddity, Starman, Modern Love, Heroes, Under Push, Rebel, Rebel and Life on Mars.

He was also well known for creating his flamboyant alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

Image copyright PA Image caption Bowie changed his name in 1966

He likewise carved out an acting vocation, including his persona as an immigrant trying providing assistance to his dying planet in Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth in 1976.

He did a three-month stint as The Elephant Man on Broadway in the 1980 s.

Media captionWill Gompertz reported on David Bowie’s affect, in 2013

Bowie likewise starred in Marlene Dietrich’s last film, Just a Gigolo( 1978 ), and played Pontius Pilate in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ( 1988 ).

Bowie was born David Jones in Brixton, south London, on 8 January in 1947. He changed his reputation in 1966 after The Monkees’ Davy Jones achieved stardom.

He was in several bands before he signed with Mercury Records, which released his album Man of Words, Man of Music in 1969, which included Space Oddity, his first UK number one.

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