This company wants to help you bathe guilt-free, with bath products that save irrigate and opt out of plastics altogether.

Skin and fuzz care corporation Ethique sells shampoo, conditioner and soap without any plastic packaging. The products all succeed as solid prohibits rather than the traditional liquid, according to the website. The packaging is wholly plastic-free, make use of biodegradable, compostable material.

“The more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed to me that we offer gobs of money for all that irrigate packaged in plastic, ” founder Brianne West told Forbes. “In a nutshell, my aim is to save the world from plastic garbage! ”

What’s more, the solid prohibits use substantially lower irrigate than liquid shampoo or conditioner. While traditional conditioners can be composed of up to 90 percentage irrigate, Ethique’s solid conditioners and shampoos remove irrigate from the concoction, saving an estimated one liter of irrigate per barroom, according to the website.

The shampoos, conditioners and soaps are also made only from natural parts like cocoa butter, coconut petroleum and lavender.

Plastic is a huge problem for the environmental issues. More than 80 percent of recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills each year, according to National Geographic. And plastic is not biodegradable, so it takes hundreds of years to decompose.

What’s worse, tons of plastic intention up in the ocean, breaking down into tiny fragments to then be feed by marine life. Without any improvements, the atlantic provinces could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

So far, West’s company has spared the planet from 60, 000 plastic bottles, according to Forbes. Its destination is to save 1 million bottles by 2020.

Another bonus is that these products last longer than liquid structures because they’re concentrated. One bar can last-place as long as five bottles of its liquid alternative.

Using the products is fairly simple. As with a solid barroom of soap, the user chafed the shampoo barroom into her fuzz, and uses water from the rain to work it into a lather, according to a Treehugger blog.

West came up with the idea of solid bath products in 2012 while in college. Studying science at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, she was taken aback by the massive amounts of water contained in shampoo and conditioner, according to New Zealand’s Newshub.

“I’m not passionate about makeup, cosmetics or fashion I adore science and the environmental issues, ” West told the news outlet. “Why threw irrigate in shampoo when there’s already irrigate in your rain? Why make contributions to the devastating effects of plastic bottles when you don’t “re going to have to”? ”

The company has grown from one female tinkering in a kitchen to a lab of six employees, according to the website. And the company’s revenue has redoubled each year, reports Newshub.

Though Ethique is based in New Zealand, its products ship worldwide, according to Forbes.

“When I received my packet from Ethique, it arrived in a cardboard container filled with scrunched chocolate-brown paper and closed with chocolate-brown paper strip there was no plastic anywhere, ” Katherine Martinko wrote on Treehugger. “The shampoo and conditioner combo is the best thing…leaving my fuzz silky, soft, and frizz-free.”

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