The Simpsonville Gun& Pawn shop in Simpsonville, S.C. is tapping into indignation over President Obama’s endless calls for gun control with a unique commerce strategy:” Crave to piss off Obama? Buy a handgun !”

Pawn shop owned Mark Teal told WDBD 😛 TAGEND

Its chiefly exactly to exchange guns, but theres a little bit of political connotation to it also, said Mark Teal, owned of Simpsonville Gun and Pawn.

Its a political undertone, according to Teal, arising as a result of President Obamas address to the country Sunday night regarding terrorism and gun control.

Congress should act to made to ensure that no one on a no-fly inventory should be able to buy a handgun, said President Obama in his thirteen minute address to the nation.

Teal also commented on how the president get Secret Service protection for his family, but he wants to deny that same protection to everyday Americans 😛 TAGEND

I just think its strange that “hes having” 24 hour security, his children and bride have 24 hour security with armed patrols everywhere they proceed[ and] its ok for them to have armed patrols, but its not ok for us to protect ourselves.

Well said, Mr. Teal.

President Obama really has been good news for handgun manufacturers. Shares in handgun broths have risen in the past seven years 😛 TAGEND And gun sales are booming since the terrorist attack in San Bernardino 😛 TAGEND

Kind of the opposite of what President Obama wanted to happen.

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