This incredible tale of fluke starts with Eugene Finney on holiday in Huntington Beach, California, with his two children and girlfriend.

“The surf was pretty big that day, ” Finney said to Mercury News , “The brandishes are relevant for 7 to 9 feet[ 2.1 -2. 7 meters ], and the water is pretty deep. You can’t touch the bottom.”

Finney and his 10 -year old daughter dived into the sea, “where theyre” currently facing a huge cresting brandish. Finney grabbed his daughter and they were dragged about 6 meters( 20 feet) underwater. Speaking to CBS Boston , Finney said: Something struck me from behind. Id never been hit like that before. It was pretty jarring. It kind of gave me an instant whiplash,

Finney left the water with a brutal slouse on his back, still apprehensive at what had happened. As his girlfriend showered the curve in the beach showers, the lifeguard ordered everyone to leave the sea as shark fins had been spotted.

Five days later, still in pain, Finney was back at work as a marketing coordinator for the artistry museum in Massachusetts. After the pain in his upper body and abdomen gotworse, Finney was eventually reassured to get checked out at the hospital. As he underwent a CAT scan, doctors noticed a cancerous cancer the dimensions of the walnut on his kidney.

Medics promptly operate and maintain Finney to remove the tumor. The tumor was found in such good time it has not been able to spread to other organs. The action was a ended success and, a few months later on October 3, Finney was declared 100% cancer free without the is necessary to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Talking about the shark attempt to CBS Boston , Finney’s surgeon Dr Ingolf Tuerk said, It lead to a situation that saved his life. Thats jolly fascinating when you think about it.

Main epitome credit: Elias Levy/ Flickr .( CC BY 2.0 )

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