Hi, I have a number of places where I post about my activities. I’m get genuinely ignited out after answering Tweets, Tumblr topics, Facebook topics, etc. on top of all the regular email.

I’m pretty much a one-person dev, and I’m tired after doing this after 2 years. And it’s all on top of regular ol’ play devving.

I’m wondering if anybody else has this issue and how they’ve treated it. Sometimes I care I could just lock myself in a chamber, undo the internet, and work in complete lonelines. But I know if I do that my visibility and sales will suffer.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it really difficult to substitution from hermit-dev mode to extrovert-marketer mode on a daily basis, so I’ll try grouping all the marketing material on one day, but I find myself dreading those days I have to do it.

Any advice acknowledged. Thanks for your input!

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