Members of bulletin board 4chan superimpose duck brains on to epitomes of Isis soldiers, mounting off furor that has spread to Twitter and Facebook

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, could it in fact be an Islamic State militant?

As world leaders scratch their brains about the best method to overcome the fright of Isis, internet users have come up with their own room to take the sting out of the groups feathery tail.

Members of the image-based bulletin board 4chan inaugurated superimposing rubber duck brains on to epitomes of Isis soldiers, mounting off a furor that has spread to Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.

Andrew Stroehlein (@ astroehlein) November 27, 2015

ISIS soldiers photoshopped as rubber ducks. Because feeling outstrips terror. https :// KnFNVXFZYl iAs3EPG 3eh

D-day (@ Nicky_Devlin) November 25, 2015

Isis is way less spooky when you oblige them rubber ducks W3A9up5iMX

How about castrating the image of Isis by ousting the faces on ALL the propaganda photos with tub ducks? a 4Chan user wrote on Shit4chanSays (/ s4s /) board.

Reddit consumers picked up on the meme when it was posted on the r/ 4chan subreddit, which accumulates content from 4chan. This had me quacking up, posted one Reddit user. Another questioned: Would you rather opposed 1,000 duck-sized Isis members, or one Isis-sized duck?

Since then, hundreds of epitomes have been posted online showing soldiers from the fright group with duck brains. Some imaginative consumers added toilet brushes and other bathroom paraphernalia. Some included rainbow emblazon. One recreated different groups notorious pirate flag to fit the avian theme.

A selection of some of the best epitomes have been posted on a photo-sharing website for the purposes of the deed Creates the duck nation.

Isis has relied heavily on a skilled bidding of propaganda imagery to captivate recruits and spread terror.This week Belgian Twitter consumers reacted to police fright attacks and pleas for a social media silence with photographs of their pet cats.

This article was amended on 29 November to make clear discrepancies between 4chan and Reddit.

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