It’s Back to the Future day!

You know what that makes? Marty McFly’s running around somewhere trying to stop his son from being bullied.But that’s not everything, all those years ago we got an revelation into what we could expect from late 2015. Gadgets and all.

But how accurate was the film? What was in the film that is common practice now? Well…

Self tying shoes

The shoes. The amazing self-tying shoes. They’re merely too cool. Marty seemed reasonably underwhelmed with them at the time but we all got it. We understood the majesty.

But are they happening now? Are they?

Looks like it. Word is they have pressure sensitive soles that tighten the cords upon your putting your paw in … but that is just “word”. Power Laces from a Canadian corporation also exist on Kickstarter. So the future is now.

Flying cars

At the end of Back to the Future, Doc tells usthat streets are obsolete( not in those terms ). Then they wing. The residence disappears crazy. Vehicles can fly ?! Whaaaaaaaaaat ?!?!?!?!?

But were they right ?!


Not even close. This is like the closest we have.

OK perhaps we have something a little closer in theAeromobil 3.0. but look at it…

It’s all wrong. And it’s exclusively a conception that isn’t commercially available now. So…

Smart clothes

The jacket contracts to you sizing, dries you when you’re soggy, and likely does other things … a pez dispenser?

Okay so whilst electric heated casings prevail. They’re full of cables and stuff, they’re hazardous and they don’t explicitly blow dry. So no for that.

And you don’t need to be told that clothes don’t wither to fit you.


Gone are the days or billboards and even screens. Holograms are now the thing!

Want to know who’s playing in … the game ?? Then look at them holograms, bird-dog. It’s the greenhorn … they’re a crew, right?

But are holograms a happen now? Well sort of. Remember in 2012 when the powers that be immortalised Tupac with a hologram at Coachella? Well…

OK it’s not exactly the same as they’re not on every street corner, but even so, if the latter are, it are more likely to end up like this…

What we have is better…

Jaws 19

OK so technically the franchise intention at Jaws The Revenge( the 4th one ), but we’ve felt some loopholes…

Universal themselves exhausted a trailer for Jaws 19( conceded, is was for a titter but you are familiar …)

And also, that hologram Jaws is both dryANDcoming from the sky…

But even so…

Elijah Wood being small


Robot waiters



Well, having said that, there are these thoughts from China…


These likely left the biggest mark on us. Flitting !? Come on !!!! Swimming down the street, future gale flowing through your hair. Amazing.

But you know, the kiddiwinks in the film seemed reasonably casual with the hoverboards so surely that means we have them?

Well we sort of do. Concede it’s exclusively early days, they seem reasonably thick-skulled and likely mega expensive but, COME ON !!!!!!! Hoverboards prevail!


Growing pizzas

Not certainly the inovation “weve all” waiting for, instead a mode of marketing Pizza Hut and Black& Decker in one go. Crafty.OK small-scale pizzas prevail. That’s good enough, right? Well Yeah it is good enough if you like small-scale nutrients that remain small.

But what if you combine a small pizza with a big pizza ?! You get a … medium pizza. Or a big pizza with a small pizza on top of it.

So this gets a big fat

So five out of nine!

It’s far from ideal. So mostly, this is being writes to London which is eight hours ahead of California, which is where Back to the Future is make, so if you’re listening, Pizza Hut, Services industries, coat manufacturers, Universal paints and car manufacturers, you have eight hours.

Pick your activity up!

Some more honest mentions…

Wearing two ties- Nope Inside-out trouser pockets- We’re likely not far Video calling- Yes! Rejuvenation clinics- Sadly