A 23 -year-old man in Melbourne, Australia, expressed his thwarting with in January, claiming that it had repeatedly deleted his account. The site’s reasoning? Almost certainly the man’s law call: Phuc Dat Bich.

If this buster wanted to go viral, he couldnt have picked a better practice. After spending the better part of the year as a sleeper post, Bich’s rant suddenly explosion the coming week, even becoming a national Twitter veer in the United States.

Per the Daily Mail , the call is enunciated Phoop Dook Bic and is common in Vietnam, although when has a entirely reasonable rationale for a non-Western call ever stopped Americans from laughing at it?

As much as some people enjoyed Bichs social media distress, others were quite supportive, telling him his call was cool, pro, and best available. Heres hoping he can wear it proudlyand maybe even become an ally in the fight against Facebooks contentious real call crackdown.

Why is Bichs post leading viral now, several months after it surfaced? Perhaps because Facebook’s repetition call trouble reemerged as part of the broader hysteria over dames( and book storages) reputation Isis. Earlier this week, San Francisco developer Isis Anchalee had her history unjustly expelled.Isises have been petitioning the mediafor monthsto abandon the acronym “ISIS” when referring to the jihadist group.

Photo via Krlis Dambrns/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman

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