Hi All,

First a little bit of background – I’ve began in business for merely over 5 years and to be fair I have just cruised along and not residence a lot of effort in. This is reflected in the businesses turnover which is just enough to keep me off aid. This allowed me to help create my grandchildren( my daughter is disabled and needed facilitate) up to a chapter where they are now all in full hour education.

So now it is time to shed the business back up the priorities and to get it producing a real income.

The business is provisioning bespoke spreadsheet programming acts which is very niche and not all that easy to grocery to. The big errands I would like to chase “re coming out” formation planners and middle disposal in massive corporations.

My plan is to totally scrap my exchange approach and start again anew. I want to unlearn what I have learnt and go back to the start. As you can probably tell the budget is going to be low to none, but what I can do is lay in a lot of time.

So where do I start? Are there navigates that will help me characterize which selling procedures are the best? e.g. should I be hammering away at LinkedIn trying to build spreads there or should I be parent material on my website to fascinate people to it.

Thanks in advance

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