( CNN) For the past year and a half, Ben Schlappig has been essentially homeless. The 25 -year-old American had not yet been determined address , nor the keys to his own front opening. Why bother rent, he figured, when a bottom was only ever a first class ticket away?

Schlappig is a “Hobbyist, ” as those in the game call it — a professional traveler with an almost obsessive attention to fine print, who utilizes a mix of frequent flyer miles and debit card honor levels, to zoom around the globe for a fraction of the cost.

And in the kind of luxury mere someones could have been dream of.

Home for the next 15 hours on the Emirates A3 80!

A photo posted by Ben Schlappig (@ onemileatatime) on Aug 22, 2015 at 9:59 am PDT

Since he firstly started racking up air miles a bit over ten years ago — yes, he was just 14 when he started this — Schlappig says he’s never operated economy on an international flight.

Which is no mean feat, considering the native New Yorker typically runs 400,000 miles a year — enough to circumnavigate the globe 16 experiences. Schlappig wastes an average four hours on an aircraft every day, and takes at least one international flight per week.