Hi everyone and thank you for speaking my upright. I will share my website in private if anyone is interested in helping.

Basically, I started a company that renders Virtual Assisants to those who need it. This business evolved and instead of simply secretaries doing basic admin material, we started hiring grads of sell and advertising and utilize their skills on buyers who are looking for Google Adwords administrators/ analysts, Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing( in all its forms ).

We basically finagle, establish, and optimize content and ads as well as act like your personal assistant if you need something researched or written. Our people can analyze daily stats of your ads and places and we come up with strategies to optimize.

Most of my workers are from Asia. They are all hard working, has every right to skill sets, great at English, and were at the top of their class when they finished institution. I have relatives in Asia so I was able set up a respectable spacecraft bureau that houses these employees and pays them the right tools to get the job done. Fast internet, top of the line bureau PC’s, a established payment. They are also not “work from home”, I opt hiring people who will come to the bureau everyday and they don’t seem to head. I have a administrator who runs the bureau and does the hiring and training if needed.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them, “Our office allows you to have the 4-hour task week. It allows you to automate your daily selling aims by giving our unit finagle most of the grunt work. We too open doors to potential new marriages by researching decision makers and calling/ emailing them.”

For the past 4-5 years, we’ve had a good creek of buyers looking for our assistance. These buyers would entrust me in encountering the right “Online Marketing Assistant” for them and I would hire one in Asia, finagle that person for the client, and make sure they get the right being for the number of jobs. Yeah, they could totally cut me out and simply look for outsource workers online but that involves a lot of risk and a lot of micro managing. I know all the good academies to get the right people from and I’ve worked in forced recruitment indurstry for a long time so the people I hire, last-place a very long time with the client. The contract is an open one. Some buyers last-place 2-3 years and open referalls.

Here’s my problem. After 4-5 years, acts abruptly stopped expanding. The buyers we were able to offer our services to don’t seem to be interested. They say they don’t need person managing their own facebook or adwords, or someone post and writing articles and infographics for their locate. We would suggest all the Affiliate Marketing proficiencies one could execute online. In the end, the client simply misses someone who can do Business Development. Example, Go to Linkedin, look for mailing address of people who might be interested in our buyers commodity and email them. After we email them and get replies, the client would then decide to end the contract because he pretty much got what he necessary and required nothing more. Even if my people virtually opened the door for new business for theses buyers, they just dont receive the need or ethic in keeping our people and just letting them do what they do. Which is a shame because people in Asia get paid so little and hitherto have some of the brightest and hard working people. It’s really good value for money. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong homes or perhaps I am not articulating the best interests of the having our services?

My main theory/ assumptions are…

There was apps that can do what we do( though I disbelieve it can do analysis and decision making like a human can) There are online an employee who attack style less than we do because they just task from dwelling. Buyers are basically hiring multiple workers for multiple projects. One scribe. One sell buster. etc. We are looking for buyers in the wrong plaza and in the wrong way( website, promoting our facebook, and we too investigate emails and contact info of people on Linkedin to find people in the Affiliate Marketing/ Adwords land who might want to outsource) We need to get google shown to be taken seriously