Paris( CNN) With ISIS claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks, the investigation moved beyond France as Belgian dominions made a number of arrests there in the first broadcasted forebodings after Friday night’s bloodshed, a Belgian Justice Ministry spokeswoman enunciated Saturday.

France has dedicated retribution for the attacks. President Francois Hollande saw the shootings and bombings “an act of war.” He enunciated early Saturday, “We will result the fight, and we will be ruthless.”

Meanwhile, at least one American is among the 129 dead, officials enunciated. The U.S. scapegoat was Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, of El Monte, California, a junior considering design in Paris for a semester while recruited at California State University, Long Beach, the school enunciated. Three Chileans also were killed, officials from that society said.

In Belgium, raids were conducted in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Justice Ministry spokeswoman Sieghild Lacoere enunciated. A automobile hired in Brussels was noted near one of the locates of the Paris attacks, and “that’s what provoked the raids, ” Lacoere said.


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