The mentions of the 129 parties killed during Friday nights attempts start to come to light-footed as other friends and family followed up with search

The deadly and blatant terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night killed 129 parties and wounded 352.

In the chaos that followed, family members or friends took to social media to search for their missing loved ones.

Citizens of at the least 15 countries are among the dead, and below are just some of those identified.

The deadliest single assault occurred at the Bataclan concert venue where gunmen opened fire on a army watching US band Eagles of Death Metal, pogrom at the least 89.

Elodie Breuil, 23, France

Breuil had attended the Eagles of Death Metal concert with a group of friends. One, speaking anonymously to Time magazine, told you he became separated from her and the others when the shooting began. He loped for the depart with another man who had been nearby, but that humankind was shoot and he descended. Formerly outside, Breuils friend reunited with some of the group, but Breuil and one other were missing.

Can you suspect? Breuils brother, Alexis, said. One daylight youre only a glad girl, playing video games. The next youre laying in a pond of blood with corpses all around you.

Paris attacks: how occurrences unfolded

Valentin Ribet, 26, France

Ribet was a criminal lawyer at rule firm Hogan Lovells, and postgraduate of the London School of Economics. He was killed at the Bataclan.

LSE (@ LSEnews) November 14, 2015

We have learned of some really sad report from our LSE alumni community, following the #ParisAttacks. NZVsG6PDLh

Ribets company described him as a talented advocate, extremely well liked, and a wonderful identity in the part. It lent: This is an frightful misfortune and hard for any of us to rightfully discern. We are offended by both our loss and the wider occurrences in the city.

Nick Alexander, 36, UK

Alexander had been exchanging stock for the Eagles of Death Metal.

His girlfriend, Polina Buckley, took to Twitter to search for him after report of the two attacks snap. Someone please help me find my boyfriend Nick Alexander. Merch guy for EODM #ParisAttacks #Bataclan, she wrote.

Polina Buckley (@ polinabuckley) November 14, 2015

Please facilitate me find Nick Alexander #Bataclan #ParisAttacks eFUObFxPGR

Alexanders former girlfriend Helen Wilson was at the Bataclan with him and said they lay on the field when the attackers started hitting. Wilson was injured in both legs and Alexander was filmed in front of her.

His back was to me and I couldnt check what happens and I tried to keep him talking and then I tried to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and they[ the gunmen] were just sort of in the shadows and they are able to film if anyone said anything.

Then he couldnt inhale any more and I supported him in my limbs and told him I desired him. He was the passion of my life.

Polina Buckley (@ polinabuckley) November 14, 2015

Sleep tight, my sugared ruler, Nick Alexander … #fuckterrorism #iwillalwaysloveyou #Bataclan foHCyPz2F 7

Nohemi Gonzales, US/ Mexico

A US-Mexico dual national, Nohemi Gonzalez, had been studying in Paris on exchange from the California State University, Long Beach.

Yesterday, one of our both students and a dear friend to many classmates, Nohemi Gonzalez, was senselessly assassinated by Isis cowards in Paris, pattern district speaker Michael LaForte said on Facebook. Our souls are with her close friends and family.

LaForte also called the terrorists spineless cowards[ who] assassinate innocent people.

Gonzalezs last public upright on Facebook said: Discovering a 3D sit computer program in a language I dont know is up there In the top 3 hardest things Ive ever had to do. #YouTubeIsMyBFF

The director of the Strate School of Design said other international exchange students from the school were wounded in the attack.

Parents of Nohemi Gonzales: she had large-scale fantasies

Thomas Ayad, 32, France

Ayad was a product manager for Universal Music France, from Amiens in the northern of the country. He was killed at the Bataclan.

Lucian Grainge, chair of the Universal Music Group, wrote to staff to confirm the report of Ayads death:

Here is the full text of Grainges letter, as published within the LA Times.

Dear Colleagues 😛 TAGEND

Today, Im writing to you with a heavy heart.

We, like so many of all the countries, are struggling with last darkness horrible misfortune in France.

Paris is in our thoughts and devotions. We extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones in respect of victims as well as our rabid cares for healing for all of those affected by this senseless violence.

This is especially painful and personal for all of us. As many of you are familiar, the band Eagles of Death Metal is a member of the UMe and Mercury France family. The ensemble and its gang as well as our own units from Mercury and other UMG personnels were present at the Bataclan theater for last darkness show.

At this item, we have confirmed that Thomas Ayad, an international product manager for Mercury Records lost his life in the attack on the theater. This is an unspeakably scandalizing misfortune. I cannot even begin to express the magnitude of my anguish. On behalf of everyone in there at UMG, we extend our most profound empathies to his parents and all of his friends and family.

We will inform you farther as information permits. In the meantime, satisfy send all healing thoughts and devotions for those affected by this hideous act.

Today is a dark daylight. We are a family. Makes foundation one another as we grapple with the heavines of this darkness.



Candlelight vigil in London for the victims of Paris attacks

Marie Mosser, 24, and Manu, France

Another two employees of Universal Music France also croaked, the companys chairman, Pascal NA” gre, wrote on Twitter, dedicating their mentions as Marie and Manu.

PascalNegre (@ PascalNegre) November 14, 2015

La famille Universal Music est en deuil: Thomas, Marie, Manu. Nos pensA( c) es vont A leurs familles et A leurs amis. RIP

It was later confirmed that Marie Mosser, a 24 -year-old who worked with band The Vamps, had been killed alongside Thomas Ayad. The Vamps posted on Facebook: We want to pass on our deepest condolences to the families and the group of friends of Thomas and Marie who were a huge part of The Vamps team in France and who tragically passed away Friday night in Paris. They will be sorely missed by us and all that knew them. Brad, James, Connor and Tristan.

Fabrice DuBois, France

DuBois was killed at the Bataclan, his employers at marketing bureau Publicis Conseil have said.

Our conceives are with his family, his wife, “their childrens”, his acquaintances, those with which he worked, the following statement said. Fabrice will we miss you. We already miss you.

Lola Salines, France

The father of French wife Salines, approved on Twitter the death of his daughter at the Bataclan.

Georges Salines (@ GeorgesSalines) November 14, 2015

Je cherche des nouvelles de ma fille #LolaSalines qui A( c) tait au #Bataclan pendant la #fusillade. Merci de RT dtxIDoLw3k

Georges Salines (@ GeorgesSalines) November 14, 2015

Je viens d’avoir corroboration du dA( c) cA” s de Lola #LolaSalines #rechercheParis Merci A tous ceux qui nous ont aidA( c) aujourd’hui

Mathieu Hoche, 38, France

Hoche was a technician at the France 24 report path. He was a enthusiastic rocknroll fan, a acquaintance said, and his Facebook page noted he was going to the Eagles of Death Metal concert. A peer at France 24 said Hoche had a six-year-old child.

Roselyne Febvre (@ RoselyneFebvre) November 14, 2015

#France 24 a perdu Mathieu Hoche. Il A( c) tait jeune il avait un enfant de 6 ans. Tous malheureux swarm lui et toutes les victimes.

Guillaume B. Decherf, 43, France

Decherf was a critic at a French culture magazine announced Les Inrocks, had written about the bands latest album for a recent issue and were represented at the concert. A leader of two, he was one of those killed, the magazine said.

AurA( c) lie De Peretti, 33, France

The New York Times spoke to the sister of De Peretti, who learned on Saturday afternoon of De Perettis death.

At the Town Hall for the 11 th Arrondissement in Paris, Delphine, 35, said the family had been trying to reach AurA( c) lie all nighttime. They told us my sister was dead but they did not let us check her, she said.

I am like a robot. I dont know what to do next. I have not watched the report or slumber since last night.

Delphine told the paper her sister was fond of music and cultural activities and had desired to draw.

My exclusively refer right now is to be able to bring back their own bodies and make her with us to the south of France, said Delphine.

Elsa DelPlace, France, and Patricia San Marti, 55, Chile

DelPlace, a French citizen, croaked with her father, Patricia San Marti, at the Bataclan, according to reports. DelPlace was a postgraduate of the Institut dEtudes SupA( c) rieures des Arts. A biography on her business website said she was a cellist with a degree in communications and cultural project management.

Chiles foreign ministry said in a statement San Martin was the niece of Chiles ambassador to Mexico.

Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, Chile

The foreign ministry in Santiago also confirmed Valle as dead in the two attacks. Valle was a professional musician who had lived in Paris with his French marriage for almost 10 times. Her whereabouts were unknown.

Cedric Mauduit, France

Mauduit worked for the Calvados county council. Jean LA( c) once Dupont, the chairman of the department in which Mauduit ran, said Mauduit had gone to the Bataclan with five acquaintances and became the target of indiscriminate terrorism.

Our sadness is immense, he said in a statement.

Asta Diakite, France

Diakites death in the two attacks was confirmed by her cousin, the French international Lassana Diarra who was playing against Germany on the night. She was a foundation and a big sister to me, he said.

Lass Diarra (@ Lass_Officiel) November 14, 2015

#PrayForPeace lsOpaSxN6 2

Michelli Gil Jaimez, 27, Mexico

Mexican officials identified one victim as Michelli Gil Jaimez, who they said came from the port municipality of Tuxpan in Veracruz.

Her Facebook page says Jaimez got engaged in late October.

Family and acquaintances, the Mexican embassy in France, confirmed to us that my cousin Michelli Gil Jaimez was one of those killed in the terrorist attack yesterday in the city of Paris, where she lived, wrote Felix Jose Gil Herrera on Facebook.

Marie Lausch, 23, and Mathias Dymarski, 22, France

Lausch and Dymarski were killed at the Bataclan, according to a friend on Twitter.

Clara Regigny initially posted under the # rechercheParis hashtag, looking for informed on her friends, who she had not listened from.

About eight hours later she tweeted: The scour is over, I have no statements, exclusively weeps. Marie and Mathias have left us both, she said.

Clara R. (@ Photographys) November 14, 2015

La recherche est terminA( c) e, je n’ai plus de mots, que des larmes. Marie et Mathias nous ont quittA( c) tous les deux. futx8GIROV

Loved ones gathered in Metz to remember the couple, Le Republicain Lorrain reported .~ ATAGEND

Alberto GonzA! lez Garrido, 29, Spain

Garrido, an technologist from Madrid, became separated from his wife in the chaos of the shooting, the Daily Mail reported. The Spanish deputy prime minister approved the report with El Diario, and said the family was conscious of the fact. Harmonizing to his Facebook page, Garrido played for the Joven Orquesta SinfA3nica de Granada( Granada Youth Symphony Orchestra ).

Mohamed Amine Benmbarek, Morocco

Newlyweds Benmbarek and his wife were also caught up in the two attacks. Mr Benmbarek croaked and his wife remains in a crucial statu, according to social media. Akram Benmbarek positioned on Facebook: I only learned that one my cousins was a victim in the #Paris assault. A freshly marriage Mohamed Amine Benmbarek passed away while his wife underwent 3 shootings and is in critical condition at the hospital.

Francois-Xavier Prevost, 26, France

La Voix du Nord reports Prevost was killed at the Bataclan. The paper said Prevost, who hailed from Lambersart, attended the concert with two friends who managed to escape. The University of North Texas said Prevost had attended there as exchange experiences student in 2007, and offered its condolences.

Manuel Dias, 63, Portugal

Lunion named a 63 -year-old Portuguese taxi driver as a victim in one of the explosions at the Stade de France as Manuel Dias. The paper said he left behind a partner and two children.

The Sporting Clube de Portugal paid all due respect to Dias, and describing it as a humankind who headed to Paris looking for a better life.

Djamila Houd, 41, France

Houd was killed at Rue de Charonne in Paris, according to newspaper lEcho Republicain. Houd was from the city of Dreux, west of Paris, and still had strong family and friendship ties there, but had lived in Paris to build her busines, the working paper said.

According to Facebook uprights from sorrowing acquaintances, she had worked for Isabel Marant, a prestigious Paris-based ready-to-wear house.

VA( c) ronique Geoffroy de Bourgies, France

De Bourgies, killed at a eatery on Rue de Charonne, was the president of a humanitarian footing, Zazakely Sambatra in Madagascar. Her partner, StA( c) phane, was in China at the time of the two attacks and approved De Bourgies death on Facebook.

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