San Bernardino, California( CNN) Two doubts died in a artillery battle with police Wednesday hours after approvals say they burst into a holiday party at a center for people with developmental disabilities and killed 14 people.

But it was unclear whether the fierce shootout with the males and believes was the end of a daylong manhunt after the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino.

An FBI raid was unfolding late Wednesday at an accommodation in Redlands, where approvals were dishing a search warrant attached to the shooting.

The violence embarked around 11 a.m. at parties to the convention house at the Inland Regional Center where employees with the district health district were attending a holiday occasion. Witnesses suggested at least two shooters opened fire, killing 14 people.

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Another 17 people were hurt — numerous wounded by missiles from automatic-style rifles, some injured in the panic to escape.