That’s the all-too-common thought that Kat Lazo wants to challenge.

So many of us spend crazy sums of time in front of reflects …

… bidding we ogled more like the unrealistic , no, illusory likeness of knockout foisted upon us by produce advertisers.

Some grow so convinced that they’re not pretty enough, skinny enough, or amiable enough that they’re not only saying , “I hate my body” they actually imagine it.

Advertisements that promote a processed ideal of knockout can be harmful to people’s mental and psychological hole being.

Almost 70% of girlfriends in 5th to 12 th points say that magazine likeness alter their suggestion of a “perfect” body type. And teens who see themselves at situations of extreme results of a weight spectrum whether the government has really are or not are more likely to consider or even attempt suicide.

But at the end of the day, the advertisers’ core feeling is creating profit.

And to that end, they’ll shamelessly bash us over the heads with all sorts of ridiculous shit.

Kat misses more people to start cuddling their unique( and Photoshop-free) beauty.

So she took to the street, forearmed with nothing but sunglasses and her natural knockout …

…to spread a simple message:

And she had a best friend here to record the whole event for your self-loving presentation:

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