From the luxuriant woods of Kashyyyk to the great state of Texas, everyone loves Chewbacca. The monstrous, gallant furball from the Star Wars macrocosm has been a devotee favourite for generations, but no one has ever go nearly as much delight out of Han Solo’s sidekick as Candace Payne.

Earlier this week, Payne became an Internet sensation when aFacebook Live video of the Texas mom unboxing a talking Chewbacca mask, putting it on in her vehicle, and then chortling hysterically started massively viral.

The video, which has been viewed upwards of 100 million times in less than 72 hours, is the single most-watched act in the short history of the Facebook Live platform. It is as pure an expression of sincere, uncomplicated rapture that exists anywhere online. As with every other phrase of sincere, uncomplicated rapture that exist online, #brands be thirstier than Tatooine without moisture farms.

Payne bought her Chewbacca mask from the department store Kohl’s. While she said she’d let her boys play with it, she insisted the concealment belonged to her. In a follow-up video posted by Kohl’s corporate Facebookaccount, a company representative established up at Payne’s house to deliver a veritable mountain of Star Wars swag so everyone in Payne’s family could join in on the fun.

The busines too devoted Payne $ 2,500 in Kohl’s gift cards as a method to say thanks for returning Kohl’s its excellent advertisement bump in perhaps ever.

The only party more excited about Payne’s video than Kohl’s marketing department was maybe the actor who played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew.

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