Don’t have time to watch the full video? Here’s a bit summary:

They’re not just living with HIV. They’re too living with the stigma of HIV.

According to the World Health Organization, at the end of 2013 close to 35 million people were living with HIV/ AIDS worldwide. Thankfully, several medical promotions now allow people with the virus to resume living ordinary, joyous lives. But there are still tons of people who are a little confused how the virus is transmitted. And for HIV-positive tribes like Micaela, that can lead to some somewhat painful encounters.

In the golden age of social media, some might consider a poster safarus outdated. But these posters, designed by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group( GIV ), have something a bit different. Each one comes with a minuscule descend of blood.

And, seem, I know it’s cliche to say this moment had me in tears, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.

The HIV-positive poster is pressuring people to confront their prejudice for real.

The above video ends with one simple but important paraphrase: “If prejudice is an illness, intelligence is the cure.” Thankfully, innovative expeditions from organizations like GIV and Ogilvy Brazil are provisioning merely that. While researchers continue to search for a antidote, it’s up to us to civilize ourselves and one another to halt the spread of HIV/ AIDS and render proper support to those living with the illness. For more ways to keep yourself safe and informed, check out WebMD’s Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions About HIV/ AIDs.

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