Watching old-timey commercial-grades might’ve given these children cartel issues.

The Fine Brothers evidenced a buncha teens old-timey cigarette commercial-grades. All the teenages were understandably like, whoa .

All clips via The Fine Bros.

Many were just plain dumbfounded by how many trues were NOT in the commercial-grades.

One teen including with regard to think this is having a particularly strong aha moment after encountering Lucy from “I Love Lucy” hawking cigarettes.

AHA! Trust broken.

And when she learned that the government had to ban cigarettes from falsely advertising altogether…

AHA 2.0.

Studies attaching cigarettes to cancer first “re coming out” around 1950, long before all these commercial-grades were made. Television advertising bans weren’t put in place until 1965.

That made this young sage ponder something very relevant.

The teenages even started acquiring actually specific comparisons.

With e-cigarettes and vaping on the upswing, of direction they would have questions after watching these commercial-grades. But the cigarette versus e-cigarette circumstance isn’t actually the moment.

The game-changing insight here is … drumroll please … publicizing isn’t always looking after our best interests!

I’m sharing this in the hopes that the teenages( and grown-ups) I adore see this and request similar questions of the themes they’re getting. A few cartel issues might save lives!

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